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The ErP Directive

The goal of the ErP Directive (Energy-related Products Directive) is to protect the climate by increasing the overall share of renewable energy in the EU to 20% by 2020 and to increase energy efficiency by 20%.

The ErP Directive for Industrial Fans defines the minimum efficiency for fans with an output range of 125W to 500kW. When assessing whether a fan fulfils these requirements, the efficiency of the entire system is evaluated – this consists of the motor, transmission and impeller.

The system efficiency requirements are the premise for the CE marking and therefore MUST be met for use in EU member states. On the whole it is estimated that 50% of industrial fans currently in use do not meet the directive and should be replaced with a more energy efficient industrial fan system.

The good news for customers of Moduflow is that all of our fans meet the minimum requirements of the ErP Directive and the majority of our fans exceed the minimum efficiency figures. Our fans use innovative technologies from leading fan experts such as German company Ziehl Abegg, whose approach to fan development and efficiency creates industrial fans incorporating the technology of tomorrow.

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