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Moduflow’s Range of Quality Industrial Fans Manufactured in the UK

Moduflow offer our customers a range of centrifugal, mixed flow and axial fans that are manufactured to exacting specifications in the UK exclusively. We have an extensive selection of quality centrifugal fans, but we are also capable of designing bespoke industrial fans to meet your specifications. Commonly used in HEVAC and other industries, centrifugal fans offer a cheaper, more efficient alternative to axial fans and their construction is often simpler, meaning greater reliability. Please browse the types of fans offered by Moduflow that are listed on this page. You will find that we provide a superb selection of high quality industrial fans suitable for a variety of industrial, commercial and residential applications, including manufacturing, industrial ventilation, domestic ventilation, restaurants and the leisure industry. Do not hesitate to Contact Moduflow directly to discuss precisely what you require from an industrial fan.

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