Please note prior to fan selection: If you are not sure whether you need an explosion proof ATEX fan, or need to know the zone in which your application is classified, please consult an official authority in your country.

As of 20th April 2016, the new Directive ATEX 2014-34 EU superseded the previous ATEX 94/9/EC Directive which became legally effective on 1 July 2003.

Understanding the ATEX Directive

ATEX is an acronym derived from the words “Atmospheres Explosibles” and forms part of a European equipment directive known as ATEX 2014-34 EU. The directive covers manufacturing standards and ensures that people are protected against the risk that may be caused by dangerous substances. The directive covers equipment, protective systems, safety devices, controlling devices, regulating devices and components including industrial fans for installation within a system or as standalone components in a hazardous environment. An air movement, or any other application in other markets, will require an explosion proof ATEX fan if there are flammable, combustible gases or dusts present at any time in the airstream. This applies to industrial air movement applications including, but not limited to, machine cooling, process equipment, food processing and manufacturing and electrical cooling. As an example, potentially hazardous particles, such as those found in sugar or flour in food processing applications, should have an explosion proof fan installed within process systems to eradicate the risks as the materials are passed through. Material handling fans can be supplied as explosion proof or standard variants.

The updated Directive places responsibility on manufacturers of flameproof equipment to supply products that comply with specified directive classifications, as determined by the end-user. This now means that fans have to be designed to avoid the risk of electrical, electrostatic, thermal, and mechanical ignition hazards that may occur in specified flameproof Zones, Classifications and Gas Groups. Industrial fans are safeguarded against explosion through the use of aluminium or copper inlet rings, EEX motors and special coatings, please refer to fan specification and data sheet to check a product is suitable before purchase.

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Markets and Industries
Commercial Kitchen & Hospitality

Applied directly over ovens and furnaces is one of the most common uses of industrial fans in the commercial kitchen and hospitality sector.

Markets and Industries
Biomass & Biofuel

Moduflow are familiar with supplying industrial fans for use within the renewable energy market and offer a range of fans specially designed for use in Biomass fuel applications.

Markets and Industries
Air Handling Units

Our centrifugal fans with free running impellers are designed for installation into appliances such as air handling units.

Markets and Industries
Food Processing & Manufacturing

Industrial fans are used across a whole host of machinery in food processing. Stainless steel varieties are favoured due to their hygienic and easy to clean material composition.

Markets and Industries
Corrosive Fumes

The extraction of corrosive fumes should be done with chemical/corrosion resistant fans. Polypropylene is the standard material which can withstand the nature of the chemical gases that pass through the scroll and the impellers.

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