Powerflo Roof Fans

Powerflo Roof Fans

The Powerflo Industrial Roof Fan is a durable and weather resistant unit with a base & cowl constructed from glass fibre reinforced polyester resin, making it an ideal fan for external use. Under normal weather conditions Powerflo Roof Fans will have a long life span with minimal maintenance required.

These are low maintenance industrial fans that have easy external access thanks to a removable cowl. Additionally, optional soaker sheets are available for Powerflo Industrial Roof Fans should you require them. They can be moulded to suit the profile of your roof, giving your fans adequate protection.

Available in sizes from 250ø – 1000ø.


  • Weather resistant
  • Durable
  • Long life
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Aluminium impellers
  • Temperatures up to 70°c


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Markets and Industries
Commercial Kitchen & Hospitality

Applied directly over ovens and furnaces is one of the most common uses of industrial fans in the commercial kitchen and hospitality sector.

Markets and Industries
Biomass & Biofuel

Moduflow are familiar with supplying industrial fans for use within the renewable energy market and offer a range of fans specially designed for use in Biomass fuel applications.

Markets and Industries
Air Handling Units

Our centrifugal fans with free running impellers are designed for installation into appliances such as air handling units.

Markets and Industries
Food Processing & Manufacturing

Industrial fans are used across a whole host of machinery in food processing. Stainless steel varieties are favoured due to their hygienic and easy to clean material composition.

Markets and Industries
Corrosive Fumes

The extraction of corrosive fumes should be done with chemical/corrosion resistant fans. Polypropylene is the standard material which can withstand the nature of the chemical gases that pass through the scroll and the impellers.

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